USPS Priority Mail Bluetop 228 Labels


USPS Bluetop Priority Mail Labels.
Hard to find/out of print variants.
Available in singles and a 5-pack containing one of each.


USPS Priority Mail Bluetop 228 Labels

USPS Priority Mail Bluetop 228 Labels from the United States Postal Service have been out of print for a while now…actually, they still print them but they're smaller, they have no Blue tops, and they look kinda wack.
These are the discontinued “Bluetop” labels that are bigger, better, and pretty hard to find.
You can use pretty much any medium on these labels (markers, spraypaint, etc.) and they stick extremely well to most surfaces.

For thos who don’t know, USPS Priority Mail Bluetop 228 Labels have been adopted by graffiti writers and artists from all over because they can be ordered from the US post office for free in bricks of 500 labels. The backs of these labels are coated with a sticky, permanent adhesive that sticks to most flat surfaces and they’re great for one-color handstyles or detailed artwork. The new labels no longer have the blue border on the top, are a bit smaller than the originals, and do not look quite as good as the previous designs, making these Bluetops collectible and hard to find without paying a ridiculous price for a single label. Some were posted on eBay for $5.00 each and in bricks of 500 for $250.00…maybe that’s why these are selling so fast and in such large quantities.

*Limited stock: get em while you can!!

I have five variants of the labels for you to choose from, sold in singles or a 5-pack containing one of each:
February 2006: Bluetop, light gloss finish w/watermarks-5.25″Wx4″H
February 2006: Bluetop, flat finish w/watermarks-5.25″Wx4″H
July 2002: Bluetop, flat finish w/no watermarks-5.25″Wx4″H
February 2006: Bluetop, flat finish w/watermarks-4.75″Wx3.50″H
January 2008: thin red stripe w/watermarks-4.75″Wx3.50″H

These labels have been sitting in a box for years and are brand new with sharp corners (besides the ones with rounded corners) and they still stick great.
They are all still bright white and in great/NOS condition.
For a Bluetops+Mini Pilot marker pack check this page.

Additional information

Weight0.005 lbs
Dimensions5.25 x 4.0 x 0.1 in


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