Illadel Black Label Squeeze Mop

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Illadel Black Label Squeeze Mop with a 18mm nib.
Ink bleeds thru red or black when buffed/painted over.
1oz. refillable mop is made of high quality squeezeable plastic.
Fade resistant, weatherproof & long lasting, Black Label is the best ink on the market.


Illadel Black Label Squeeze Mop

Small, pocket-sized and compact, the Illadel Black Label Squeeze Mop is made of high quality squeezable plastic so you can control the flow of ink while writing.
The 18mm nib is made of durable plastic and the tip is covered with a synthetic cloth-like material best used on smooth surfaces.
An 18mm Mohair replacement nib is also available.
The mop is filled with Illadel Black Label Ink, which is by far the hardest staining ink available. It’s fadeproof, ultra-permanent and extremely hard to buff once it seeps into the surface.
This ink also bleeds through multiple layers of paint and/or primer (see buff pics below).
Ink color is deep black but when painted over or buffed it turns red or black.
Also, when used on paper or cardboard, the red stain spreads out around the black ink, outlining your letters.
If you want a small mop that inflicts maximum damage then look no further…you just found it.
Check right here for Black Label Ink refills.

Additional information

Weight.28 lbs
Dimensions3.0 x 3.0 x 6.0 in


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