Sakura Solid Paint Markers


Sakura Solid Paint Marker works on any surface: wet or dry, rough or smooth.
Paint dries in 5-8 minutes.
Permanent, fadeproof, oil-based paint.

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Sakura Solid Paint Markers

The Sakura Solid Paint Markers are solidified oil-based paint markers that works great on freights, insides, and any outdoor surface.
They leave a permanent mark on pretty much any surface including wood, cloth and canvas, plastic, steel and iron, rubber, cardboard, glass, fiberglass and concrete.
Drying time is about 5-8 minutes.
Once dry, the mark will not fade, smudge, or wash off like the cheaper brands do.
You can also use them on dirty, oily, greasy, rusty, and wet surfaces.
The special “stay fresh” twist mechanism keeps paint fresh and ready to use.

For an original look, take two (or four) different colors, split them longways down the middle and place the halves (or quarter sticks) back in the tube for multi-colored tags.

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Weight0.20 lbs
Dimensions7.5 x 2.9 x 0.8 in


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