USPS Bluetop Labels & Mini-Pilot Pack

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This pack includes ten discontinued US Postal Service “Bluetop” Priority Mail 228 shipping labels and one Mini Pilot Supercolor imported from Japan.
Buy them both together and save some cash.

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USPS Bluetop Labels & Mini-Pilot Pack

The USPS Bluetop Labels & Mini-Pilot Pack comes with ten (10) discontinued USPS Priority Mail 228 Bluetop labels and an imported Mini Pilot Supercolor chisel tip marker.
These Bluetop labels have been out of print for years now and are pretty hard to find except for eBay and they overcharge like crazy. The Mini Pilot is actually imported from Japan and not available as widely as the other Pilot Supercolor markers are in the USA so your getting a pretty sweet deal on hard-to-find items.
The Mini Pilot works great on stickers, in blackbooks, and most flat surfaces and can be refilled by removing the cap on the bottom of the marker.
For more Bluetop priority mail labels click this link.

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