Illadel Chrome Paint Refills

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Illadel Chrome is an oil-based permanent paint made to work in any mop or valve marker/pump marker.
Extra-heavily pigmnted and 2X's opaque, this paint covers and outlasts all the rest.
Super-shiny metallic silver paint pops on any surface.

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Illadel Chrome Paint Refills

Illadel Chrome Paint Refills are filled with 2X’s opaque, heavily pigmented, fadeproof and weather resistant, this Chrome pops like crazy on both light and dark surfaces.
Mixed by hand and strained so there’s no clumps of pigment clogging your nibs, you can use it in valve markers, mops, silver pilot markers, and empty Presto/correction pens.
It’s the perfect consistency for long, skinny drips or thick, chunky letters, and since it’s an oil-based paint it will outlast and outperform any alcohol or water-based “mop paint” currently available.
As a bonus this Chrome paint actually bonds with certain metals if left untouched. It will start to rust along with the metal it’s used on and will not be removeable unless sand-blasted from the surface.
The 4oz refills are also available in other colors besides just the Chrome.

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