Illadel Paint Refills

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Illadel Permanent Paint is a double-opaque, fade resistant, oil-based paint made to last.
Heavily pigmented paint is the perfect consistency to run through any valve marker/pump marker or mops with a regular or nylon nib.

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Illadel Paint Refills

The Illadel Paint Refills are oil-based, fadeproof and priced just right.
Illadel Permanent Paint Refills are made with the highest quality pigments available to guarantee long-lasting tags & drips on whatever surface you use it on.
Double-opaque oil-based paint will not fade or turn white like the cheap, alcohol-based “mop paint” other suppliers sell.
This stuff is top shelf and you'll see that the first time you use it.
The perfect consistency for long, down-to-the-floor drips and the colors are intermixable so you can make your own custom colors if you want.
[this is not the same product as the Colorz Ink in the mops & steel tips]

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Weight0.5 lbs
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