MTN Street Ink 250ml

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MTN Street Ink 250ml refill is perfect for refilling your empty squeeze-mops and valve-markers.
High quality ink is available in red and black and works great both indoors and outside.
Fadeproof and resistant to most common solvents.
Also available in 1-liter size.

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MTN Street Ink 250ml Refills

A permanent ink of great quality and performance made for refilling mops and markers.
The MTN Street Ink 250ml refill is perfect for refilling your empty squeeze-mops, valve-markers or any number of similar applicators.
This high quality ink is not only UV resistant but also resistant to most common solvents, making it quite permanent on most surfaces and harder to buff than your usual ink.
MTN Street Ink refills are essential tools for all writers who are passionate about the art of “writing” their name.
You can also buy pre-filled MTN Street Dabbers, available in a 1oz/10mm size and a 3oz/18mm size and available in red and black.
For the true ink fiends like myself who run through ink like water, there is a huge 1-liter/1000ml jug available right here. The 1-liter size is available in black only.

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Weight1.0 lbs
Dimensions6.0 x 4.0 x 4.0 in


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