Pilot Supercolor Ink Refills


Pilot Ink 1oz./30ml bottle comes with mini-dropper for easy refilling of markers.
Great for use by itself or mixed with other inks and home-brewed recipes.
Permanent, opaque, and available in black, green, red and blue.

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Pilot Supercolor Ink Refills

These 30ml Pilot Supercolor Ink Refills work in your Pilots, Marsh99’s and any other refillable marker or home brew recipe.
Writers have been using Pilot Ink for decades because it’s reliable, opaque, and permanent.
It goes on smooth, dries fast and is great for mixing with other inks to add opacity and permanence.
Each bottle comes with a small plastic pipette/dropper for easy refilling of markers or you can just dump the whole bottle in a mop and get busy.
These are the stock refills for the Jumbo Pilot Supercolor markers.
Available in black, green, red and blue.

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Weight0.375 lbs
Dimensions2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 in


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