Purple Rain Bleed Thru Staining Additive


Lab-grade alcohol-based staining agent for mixing with home-brewed ink.
Liquid staining agent bleeds thruough multiple layers of oil-based paint and primer.
A little bit of this stuff goes a long way!!

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Purple Rain Bleed Thru Staining Additive

Since the Garvey XT70 has become ridiculously expensive ($44.00 for 8oz.) Purple Rain Bleed Thru Staining Additive is your solution to paying an insane amount of money to make your home-brewed ink beat the buff.
Illadel Purple Rain Bleed Thru Additive is an alcohol-based stainer that you can mix with any type of ink to make it bleed through like crazy.
Way stronger than any “street dust” or “magic stainer powder” other distributors are selling, this stuff here is the truth.
It’s already a liquid so you don’t have to mix it with Alcohol or Xylene to break it down so there won’t be any “clumps” of leftover residue in the bottle or mop that causes that chalky, streaky flow or clogs up the nib.

Garvey was just an ink used to mark pricing labels, this is a chemical additive made specifically to bleed through paint & primer. There is really no comparsion.
It bleeds through layer after layer of thick, heavy-duty buff paints and primers and guarantees your tags are still visible, even after the buffman does his thing.

Suggested use: 1oz. bleed-thru additive per 8oz. bottle of ink, otherwise your black ink will have a slight purple/blue-black tint.
You can try different ratios to get it however you want, but 1oz./8oz. works best for me personally.

Do not get this stuff on your clothes, skin, the kitchen floor at Mom Dukes house, etc. unless you want it stained bright purple.
Keep tightly capped and away from all heat sources

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