Quilombo Castainho is the first community with the title

Quilombo Castainho in Garanhuns (230 km from Recife) in the Pernambuco countryside received the first title of collective domain for a quilombola community awarded by the state government.

The document was sent last Friday (23) by Governor Paulo Câmara and covers 64.8 hectares of Quilombo Castainho, from which 400 families living in the community benefit.

:: Quilombola communities in the northeast are exposed to a pandemic without federal support ::

The Quilombo is currently developing regional agricultural crops, especially cassava and by-products of its processing, such as flour. Vegetables and other agricultural products are also produced.

Until then, the federal government had awarded all the titles of the Quilombola community in Pernambuco, such as Conceição das Creoulas in Salgueiro in the hinterland of the state.

Source: BdF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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