Springer Nature launches its first virtual hub at the Frankfurt 2020 Book Fair

Since the Frankfurt Book Fair is not being held as a physical event this year, Springer Nature is instead opening its doors to its first virtual hub.

Following a decision back in June not to be physically present at the book fair, Springer Nature Group @ Frankfurt Fair Fair was created to maintain a tradition of live panel discussions on industry topics and book presentations that are key to Springer Nature’s physical booth. Virtual visitors will receive insight, information and a collection of quality content, which complements the Frankfurt Book Fair’s own unique digital approach following their announcement that they will no longer host the physical fair.

From 14 to 17 October 2020, the center will host live events with a daily focus on hot topics and trends in the publishing industry and academia, including the digital transformation, the impact of research and how research can help address global issues like Covid -19. All events will be free, and a special video gallery will allow authors to present and discuss their new books. Registration for live events has opened with the first copyright videos already available for viewing on the site.

Renate Bayaz, Books & Professional Communications Director at Springer Nature, said:

“We are excited to launch our first Springer Nature Group @Frankfurt Book Fair virtual center, where people can find information about all our events and sign up for live discussions. The Frankfurt Book Fair is an important date in the publishing calendar and we are proud to continue could also bring the essence of the fair to our community in a new way. We are also pleased to be able to present some of our authors and their books in a special video gallery, where they can talk in their own words about their motivation to write them and what makes these titles special ”.

Explore the Springer Nature Group @ Frankfurt Book Fair and sign up for live events “here. Footage of all our live events and all other content will remain online after the fair to allow people to visit and watch in their own comfort. For more information, visit “Springer Nature Group @ Frankfurt Book Fair”


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