Three week old baby raped by 14 year old in a reception center – World

A three-week-old baby was raped by a 14-year-old teenager at the reception center where both lived in the United States, according to USA Today.

The case was discovered when the boy’s adoptive parents placed hidden cameras in the reception center to keep an eye on him because he had behavior problems.

The captured images show the teenager abusing the child for more than 20 minutes. As a result, the 14-year-old was charged as a juvenile offender and was prosecuted. Thomas Dikel, a pediatric neuropsychologist, said the three-week-old baby suffered psychological trauma that could be seen as it grows up.

The case took place in March 2019 but has only now been filed in Marion County Court, alleging child protection services could have prevented the abuse.

The two reception centers where the young man passed were aware of the youth’s deviant behavior and could have prevented the three-week-old girl from being injured in order to defend the lawsuit brought against the facilities.

The minor allegedly molested a five-year-old girl when she was nine and is still suspected of molesting his younger foster brother.

The reason for the behavior is the fact that the young man was exposed to pornography by the birth mother who practiced the sexual act in front of the child at a young age.

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